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4Korners home page first image of family of 4 running on beach, hand in hand close to sunset 4Korners is a registered Canadian charitable organization founded in 2005. We connect individuals of the Laurentians with programs and services to meet their identified needs in a secure and inclusive environment. We work collectively to serve and enrich the lives of communities in the Laurentian region. 4Korners LEARN MORE Laurentian community network 4Korners slider2_top view of a beautiful young women using laptop computer on the floor at home Are you new to the Laurentians?
Are you looking for the services, resources or information available to you?
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Senior couple (caucasian) in produce section of market, chatting and smiling - 4Korners "Activities" header image Choose an area to view the scheduled activities. Programs ARGENTEUIL DEUX-MONTAGNES LES PAYS-D'EN-HAUT THÉRÈSE-DE BLAINVILLE des laurentides 4Korners "Publications" header image, showing an open  magazines on flat surface Here you will find all of our monthly newsletters,
annual reports, our by-laws and the Laurentians'
only English newspaper, "Main Street".
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Young Asian adults (interacting at school, with laptop : for 4Korners "Get Involved" header image, Homepage Are you are looking for a career, internship,
or simply wanting to volunteer?
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LESAN Home page header image - hands together Laurentian English Services Advisory Network LESAN Learn More